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You are driving from work after a long day, minding nothing but the need for a warm shower and a cold bed. You take a turn and bam, you get into a car accident, hitting the car in front of you. It seemed like the day was just beginning for you. After looking at the damage, the numbers add up. Because of this fender-bender, you are not going anywhere. That’s where you can contact Atlanta Towing Service, they are available 24/7 and they will be quickly on their way. 

This is not something out of the ordinary. Accidents happen. No one wants to have an accident, but when the undesired comes, no matter the severity of the damage to the vehicle, Atlanta Towing Service will be able to help you. Their flatbed tow service will allow you to take care of your car in the quickest way possible. The Atlanta Towing Services is committed to giving the best, safest, and cleanest transport service for you.

Flatbed trucks are preferred because of their size and capability. They got their names from the flat nature of their towing bed. These types of towing trucks are commonly the favored choice because of the safety and security of their tow, that the car they are towing is on the flatbed, which minimizes the potential damage on the vehicle. Flatbed towing trucks are also able to provide, not only transportation but the ability to recover vehicles in extreme accidents. Even in instances where multiple vehicles are involved in an accident, the long bed trucks are able to provide the space required for recovery and transportation. 

Perhaps you are thinking about moving or have a vehicle in need of recovery. If you are deciding on getting the services of a towing service, what follows is helpful information about flatbeds. Here are some advantages in getting the flatbed towing service.

Safe and efficient vehicle recovery

The first is taking only one, safe, comfortable trip. Flatbed towing trucks are generally larger than pickups and the towing trucks used by U-Haul. This means that you do have more room than usual. Since flatbed tow trucks have no side walls or roofing, they allow for a smooth and safe loading experience. You can also ensure that if you call the Atlanta Towing Service, you can be assured that they will be able to cater to you whatever vehicle you have the needs recovery. Loading and unloading a vehicle with a flatbed can easily help you save time. The safety of transportation and recovery is invaluable when it comes to accidents where it affects time and money.


With the thousands of vehicles on the road, coming in different sizes, flatbed tow trucks are versatile because of the open nature of the truck bed, the flatbed towing trucks can cater to many different types of vehicles. Flatbed towing trucks are considered as the transportation solution not just for sedans and SUVs, but for construction equipment as well. They are also commonly used to transport construction equipment and materials. When there is a need for moving of heavy-duty construction vehicles, it is often the flatbed tow truck that is called on to do the job.

Flatbed trucks are not only for the recovery of vehicles that got into accidents. Outside of towing services, the flatbed tow truck can also take care of services such as pallet deliveries and home transfers. Flatbed trucks are able to accommodate a lot of space, giving you a lot of options.

Less Maintenance

Flatbed trucks are an excellent choice when it comes to transportation and recovery of vehicles of various sizes. Flatbed Tow Trucks provide the safety that is surely needed to ensure that vehicles do not take any more damage during transport. Flatbed tow trucks are available in different sizes, length, and capacity, allowing for flexibility in whatever type of vehicle is in need of transportation or recovery. If you are looking for a safe, flexible, and efficient solution for your transport or vehicle-recovery needs, the expert service of the Atlanta Towing Service is the right one for you. We are available 24/7, call us at (404) 689-1879.